Localization Training Course for Software Engineers

A video course designed to teach engineers to architect a localization program from scratch. Purchase once, keep forever.

What's Covered

Globalization 101

Globalization. Internationalization. Localization. Translation. What actually are these, how are they related, and why do they get abbreviated with numbers?

Translation Vendors & Files

Translation strings are going to be the main source of frustration for any localized codebase. This module focuses on the parts that make up a translation string, what formats they take, and how to simplify the process by using a TMS.


This module reviews the common ways a modern engineering team can deploy translations at scale, and the pros / cons of each approach.


Finally, we talk about the most important decisions your team will need to make when architecting your codebase. We specifically focus on the architectural decisions that are hard to change later, and which ones will give you a strong foundation to build on as you expand to new languages and regions.


For Yourself
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For Your Team
  • Everything available to individuals
  • Rights to share with up to 10 team members
  • Two hours of consultation for specific advice based on your localization goals
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Your Instructor

Aaron Presley has been a Sr. Software Engineer for over 15 years, and has been a G11N Subject Matter Expert for 8.

His time as a Globalization Engineer at Nike taught him what it meant to write and maintain mission-critical systems that had to operate in over 20 countries, localized into 26 languages.

Since 2016, Aaron has trained 100's of web and mobile engineers on what it means to write code for a global audience. He was also honored to be a speaker at the 45th Unicode & Internationalization Conference in 2018.

Questions? Reach out anytime at aaron [at] linguamaven [dot] com.